Financial Protection

The Business Class Group made the decision to open our new luxury travel holiday company with a trust account for our clients monies with the Protected Travel Services. During worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, although our head company Business Class International already had a trust account for our clients monies and we refunded all clients wear due due to no travelling because of Covid-19, it was clear a new trust account would be best put in place for all our new bookings with Exquisite Resorts to eradicate any worry for our clients that there funds will not be safe.

When you pay us for your holiday, your money is sent directly to a trust account regulated by the Protected Travel Services. This means we have no access to your funds. Your money is protected 100% and insured.

All PTS members are fully package travel regulation compliant. So if any elements of your holiday is cancelled your entitled to a full refund and because your funds are in a Trust Account you have guarantee protection.

All consumers can check the PTS membership of a company prior to booking. Simply contact PTS directly for peace of mind. If you have any concerns about the allocation of your monies and the holiday supplied by a PTS member they can contact PTS directly. PTS is FCA registered to ensure trust and confidence when booking with any PTS member.

Finally, we have our own ATOL license for further piece of mind before you travel or when away, you can be confident Exquisite Resorts have taken all the correct steps to ensure our clients are financially protected.

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